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Restoring Calm and Enhancing Care For Families Dealing with Alzheimer's

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Granophone is a powerful app designed to assist caregivers and family members who face the challenges of endless calls from loved ones struggling with Alzheimer's and dementia. Our app aims to alleviate the stress caused by repeated calls by providing a comprehensive set of features and support.

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With Granophone, you can create a network of trusted family members and caretakers who share the responsibility of handling incoming calls. By distributing the call load, you can regain control over your time and restore peace in your daily life.

Setting quiet hours is effortless with Granophone, allowing you to establish specific periods when you prefer not to receive calls. Additionally, you have the flexibility to limit the number of times a dependent family member can call you within a defined time frame, ensuring a healthy balance between your availability and their needs.

Granophone intelligently routes calls to the next available family member or caretaker, ensuring that each call receives prompt attention. In cases where a call cannot be answered, our comprehensive voicemail system empowers you to easily record and deliver timely voicemail messages. You can prioritize and play these messages at specific times of the day, tailoring your communication to suit your schedule.

By utilizing Granophone, you'll experience the benefits of improved communication and strengthened relationships with your loved ones. Our app becomes your trusted digital assistant, providing the tools and support you need to navigate the challenges of Alzheimer's care with confidence and ease.

Experience the transformative power of Granophone and regain peace of mind while enhancing the quality of care for your dependent family member. Sign up today and embark on a journey towards more effective, organized, and compassionate caregiving.


  1. Multiple Family Members and Caretakers: Granophone allows you to add multiple family members and caretakers who can take turns receiving calls from the dependent family member. This feature ensures that the responsibility is shared among the support network.
  2. Compatibility with Existing Phone Systems: Granophone works with the phone system the dependent family member is already familiar with. We provide you with a dedicated number that you can use to forward calls from the dependent to the Granophone system and access its features.
  3. Quiet Times and Call Limits: Granophone enables you to set quiet times when you do not wish to receive calls. Additionally, you can define the number of times you are available to receive calls from the dependent within a specified time period. These settings give you control over when and how often you receive calls, allowing you to manage your own time effectively.
  4. Tailored Voicemail System: Granophone offers a powerful voicemail system designed to meet your needs. You can quickly record timely voicemail messages, and the system allows you to choose which messages to play at specific times of the day. This feature ensures that you can prioritize and manage voicemail communication according to your schedule.
  5. Call Tracking: While Granophone aims to bring calm to your life, it still provides the ability to keep track of calls from your dependent family member. This feature helps you ensure that they are comfortable and receiving the care they need. It can also be useful for monitoring their well-being and identifying any patterns or issues in their communication.

Coming Soon

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