Expanding building assessment services globally
Python, Django, React, Alpine, HTMX, Wordpress

At Empathy Works, we understand the value of multilingual communication firsthand — everyone on our team speaks multiple languages. That’s why we’re especially passionate about projects that bridge language barriers. One of our long-standing clients, GBI, provides building assessment services to enhance environmental efficiency and highlight exemplary buildings. They wanted to expand their reach beyond the English-speaking market, but their needs presented several interesting challenges.

GBI operates multiple tools and websites that needed to be translated into multiple languages, so we wanted a solution that would take advantage of AI's incredible translation capabilities. However, given the technical and region-specific nature of building assessments, GBI needed a way to fine-tune their content for different regions. We were tasked with developing a system that combines AI-powered automatic translation with manual overrides, allowing for precise adjustments where necessary.

The Challenge

Our client faced several key challenges

  1. Regional Customization The assessment criteria for building efficiency vary significantly between regions. The client needed a system that could adapt to these regional differences in building standards and practices.
  2. Language and Translation The system needed to support multiple languages, with both automatic and custom translation options.
  3. Billing and Taxation The client required the ability to handle different billing and taxation rules depending on the region.
  4. User Interface The solution had to be user-friendly, allowing the client to easily manage and modify assessment services for different regions.

The Solution

Empathy Works developed a powerful and flexible solution using two key technologies: WordPress and Localize.

  1. Front-End Website with WordPress and WPML: We used WordPress for the client’s front-end website and integrated WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin). WPML provided robust automatic translation capabilities while allowing for custom translations when needed. This ensured that the content was accurately translated and easily searchable.
  2. Customizable Assessment Services with Localize: For the assessment services, we implemented Localize, which offered exceptional customization options. By leveraging the Localize API, we fine-tuned the assessment criteria for different regions. The Localize UI integration made it easy for the client’s experts to modify assessments to suit regional requirements.
  3. Billing and Taxation Adaptation: We built features to adjust billing and taxation based on the region, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The system was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling the client to manage and customize their assessment services with ease.

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The Outcome

The implementation of the new system provided significant benefits:

  • Global Reach The client could now offer their assessment services in multiple regions, adapting to local standards and practices.
  • Accurate Translations The combination of WPML’s automatic and custom translation features ensured that all content was accurately translated and indexed.
  • Flexible Customization The use of Localize allowed for detailed customization of assessment criteria, making it possible to deliver tailored services to different regions.
  • Efficient Management The user-friendly interface and seamless integration of tools made it easy for the client to manage their services, enhancing their operational efficiency.


The translation solution we implemented not only supports GBI's current multi-lingual needs, but also speeds up the process of add more languages as the organization grows their infrastructure and expert teams. It enables deeper customization, allowing for region-specific variations in content. Now, GBI can confidently expand their services globally, providing tailored assessments that meet the unique needs of each region.