Tracking performance metrics and energy usage

Empathy Works is committed to delivering innovative solutions that address our clients' unique challenges. One of our recent projects involved developing a tool for tracking performance metrics and energy usage for a client who manages a portfolio of buildings. The goal was to enable building owners to monitor and compare energy, water, and waste usage across multiple properties.

The Challenge

Our client faced several challenges

  1. Data Tracking and Comparison They needed a way for building owners to track energy, water, and waste usage across different buildings and compare performance.
  2. Automated Data Input The solution required seamless and automated data input to reduce manual entry and errors.
  3. Portfolio Analysis The client wanted the ability to analyze data not just for individual buildings but also across an entire portfolio to identify trends and make informed decisions.

The Solution

Empathy Works collaborated with the client to develop a comprehensive data capture and analysis tool centered around the ENERGY STAR platform. ENERGY STAR is a U.S. government program that provides resources and tools for building owners to track and manage their energy usage.

Data Integration with ENERGY STAR
We built a system that seamlessly integrated with the ENERGY STAR platform, allowing automated data collection for energy, water, and waste usage.
Comprehensive Reporting
The tool enabled users to generate detailed reports for individual buildings, comparing usage against baselines and identifying trends over time.
Portfolio-Wide Analysis
The system was designed to work efficiently with portfolios, allowing building owners to compare performance across multiple buildings, identify trends, and prioritize improvements.
Export Functionality
We included features for easy data export, facilitating sharing and further analysis.

The Outcome

The implementation of the new performance metrics and energy usage tracking tool provided several benefits

  • Improved Data Accuracy Automated data input reduced errors and ensured accurate tracking of energy, water, and waste usage.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making Building owners could now easily compare performance across their portfolio, identify inefficiencies, and prioritize improvements based on data-driven insights.
  • Streamlined Reporting The ability to generate comprehensive reports and export data simplified the reporting process, making it easier to share information with stakeholders.
  • Efficient Portfolio Management The tool allowed building owners to manage their entire portfolio more effectively, improving overall sustainability and operational efficiency.


By developing a data capture and analysis tool centered around the ENERGY STAR platform, Empathy Works enabled our client to track and compare energy usage, water usage, and waste across their portfolio of buildings. This case study demonstrates our commitment to providing tailored solutions that drive meaningful improvements for our clients.